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Spit Roast Catering Jobs

We regularly take on new Catering Assistant staff as the majority of our casual catering assistants are university students who then graduate and need to be replaced.  The role is perfect for a university student as the hours suit perfectly.  Catering at somebody's party or function can be very enjoyable, and helping to make somebody's special day perfect can be very rewarding.  Whether it's a party, wedding, or corporate event there is always someone who is counting on you to make their event the best it can be.  Being part of that is what drives staff in the hospitality industry.

If this sounds like the job for you then keep reading. With all of the fun and the party atmosphere also comes a lot of responsibility and a lot of intensity, especially as soon as the food service has begun. Our business name and reputation rests in your ability to think on your feet, problem solve, multi-task, and overcome pressure to ensure our customers get their perfect event. Considering that a lot of our customers are having their first and only catered event (such as their wedding), and may have not planned for every detail they will look to you for the solution and you will be expected to ‘make it work’. The successful candidate will need to be self motivated, responsible and able to problem solve to perform well in this role.

With the fun of the party, also comes the cleaning up. The role also involves cleaning all of the equipment used and is the final part of each shift. The successful candidate must be the type of person who is able see a job through to the end, even if it means getting your hands dirty and washing dishes.

Still interested?  Then great, as a general rule your duties will be:-

  • Arrive at our base ON TIME, in uniform, looking presentable.
  • Sort and collect all of the necessary food and catering equipment listed for your function.
  • Travel to the allocated function.
  • Set up the food service area with our food and equipment.
  • Assist the customers/guests with the food service and maintain a clean and food-safe service area.
  • Collect and pack used and dirty equipment.
  • Travel back to our base.
  • Clean, sanitise, and return all equipment to its correct storage area.

You will also need to be confident and trustworthy to handle customer payments, and you will need to be confident and trustworthy to be placed in charge of our food, equipment, vehicles and premises.


Pay is strictly on the books (no cash in hand).  Hospitality Award + Super applies, initially at Introductory Level while on-the-job-training, then Level 2 thereafter.


You MUST be able to qualify for EACH AND EVERY one of the following points; AND YOUR COVER LETTER MUST ADDRESS EACH POINT:

  • Be 100% reliable and honest, and have the ability to learn and follow instructions.
  • Be well-presented, polite, and be able to fluently communicate with customers in a friendly and helpful manner.
  • Be readily contactable by both email and mobile phone, and respond immediately.
  • Be able to get to and from our base WITH YOUR OWN VEHICLE (that is not reliant on public transport).
  • Be punctual every single time WITHOUT FAIL.
  • Be proactive in helping, without waiting to be told what to do.
  • MUST HAVE a valid Victorian Drivers License
  • Have the ability and driving experience to safely drive, park, and reverse a small van (similar to Hyundai iLoad, or Toyota Hiace)
  • Be available Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year (you will be expected to have most weekends available).
  • Have some availability mid week, even if just a day or two or several half days.
  • Be available full time for the peak catering season between mid-November to Christmas Eve.
  • Hospitality experience is preferred but not essential as you will receive job-specific training.
  • RSA/RSF Certificates are preferred but not essential.

Application Process

If you would like to apply for a Casual Catering Assistant position please email the owner at info@silvasspitroastcatering.com.au with your resume AND cover letter.  Your Cover letter MUST address each of the KEY SELECTION CRITERIA points above to be considered.