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Budget BBQ Catering

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Budget BBQ Catering.

For those of you who may be too time-poor to run around shopping and then preparing all the food for the day; or who just like a bit of DIY and love cooking a barby yourself, this one is for you.

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    Affordable BBQ Catering

    Our “Budget BBQ Catering Service” is very affordable and suited to smaller functions and events, or if, like most people these days, you might be time-poor.  Let’s face it, cooking a BBQ yourself can be fun, and if you’re happy to do it, then we think you should.  On the other hand, shopping and sourcing the supplies, preparing fresh salads and side dishes, and all the prep work is never fun. If you’re as busy as we are at home, finding the time to do that can be hard. So why not let us do all of that for you, and then all you need to do on the day is fire up the Barbie.  We’ll package everything up so that hot side dishes just need to warmed in the oven, and cold salads put in a salad bowl on the table.  How easy is that!

    Mobile BBQ Catering Melbourne

    Silva Service Catering can prepare your BBQ menu with our full standard menu, and deliver all the food to your door. Everything will be prepared, salads made, veggies ready, and your ideal meat selections ready to cook.

    BBQ Catering Delivery

    Everything will be delivered sealed-tight in thermal packaging so it stays cold for you. We’ll even vacuum seal most items so that they stay absolutely fresh.

    Desserts can be delivered too. Please see our dessert menu for full details and pricing.

    Best BBQ Catering Service

    We recommend this service is better suited to smaller gatherings. However, if you want complete flexibility with your food service timing, and you have a little experience with service you should be fine for larger orders.
    Please see our “Standard BBQ” service, or “Premium BBQ” service for a fully inclusive menu together with service staff and service equipment.

    Melbourne-Wide BBQ Catering

    We can deliver anywhere in Melbourne, including CBD, inner Melbourne suburbs, outer Melbourne Suburbs, and out beyond Melbourne to regional Victoria.

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    • Budget BBQ Catering Menu

      Budget BBQ Catering Menu (Delivery Only Option)


      Two Of The Following BBQ Meats Ready For You To Cook:

      • Pork Sausages (2 p/p)
      • Chicken Sausages (2 p/p)
      • Pork & Fennel Sausages (2 p/p) 
      • Home-Made Hamburgers (1 p/p)
      • Honey/Soy Chicken Wings (2 p/p)
      • Cajun Chicken Skewers (2 p/p)
      • Tuscan Lamb Chops (1 p/p)
      • Red Wine Marinated Porterhouse Steaks (100gm p/p)
      • Marinated Triple Prawn Skewers (1 p/p)
      • Rosemary Lamb Cutlets (1 p/p)

      Bakery Fresh Bread Rolls (with individual butter portions)

      Your Choice Of Four Salads/Side Dishes (all are freshly hand-made by us)

      • Coleslaw
      • Greek Salad
      • Pasta Salad
      • Garden Salad
      • Bean Salad
      • Potato Salad
      • Mini Corn Cobs
      • Steamed Baby Carrots & Peas
      • Roast Pumpkin
      • Baked Jacket Chat Potatoes
      • Steamed Chat Potatoes
      • Add On Dishes – Add a tray of Meat Lasagne or Vegetable Lasagne.  Add on vegie burgers (*see menu for pricing)
      • High Quality Plastic Dining-Ware & Napkins can be included (*see menu for pricing)
      • Travel Within 15Km Of Our Kitchen is included

      Our budget service provides you with the entire menu range offered in our other BBQ catering packages. We deliver straight to you at your party, function or event, ready for you to serve to your guests. Our budget service does not mean cheap food or cheap quality, so if you are looking for catering on a budget you will still get our high quality food.

      All food is delivered cold, at safe temperature, and stored in thermal boxes to keep it cold.  We strongly advise customers be present to accept delivery and transfer contents into a fridge as soon as possible.

      Prices start at $15.00 per person (incl GST) and vary with your number of guests.

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