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Dessert Catering Melbourne

We have obtained the assistance of some of Melbourne’s best gourmet cake specialists and can offer your guests the benefit of their expertise.  Whether you order from our standard dessert catering range or our premium dessert catering range you will receive cafĂ© quality cakes, freshly baked using premium ingredients.

Dessert Catering

Standard desserts are the same quality as our premium desserts, the only difference being they are baked as a very large cake, iced and decorated and then we slice them for each guest.  Premium desserts are all individually baked, iced and decorated so that each serve is presented beautifully like individual pieces of art.

As a supplement to any of our food catering packages, such as spit roast catering, buffet catering, wedding catering or corporate catering, you can surprise your guests with our gourmet cake selection. The addition of dessert catering is a fantastic addition for your wedding reception, corporate function, private party or party of any kind and tops off your catering service beautifully.

Mobile On Site Dessert Catering Melbourne

Naturally your cakes will be served to your guests by our staff. All additional service, equipment, dining ware and cutlery are provided by us and included in our price.

Please note that our cake range is constantly changing (for the better), so some cake varieties may slightly alter from time to time as we source only the best cakes for your function. Just let us know what you like as there are always various cheese cakes, tortes and sponges, and mouses. We can generally provide any type of cake that you like.

Depending upon the size of your function you can even arrange to have a selection of cakes, not just one or two.

  • Standard Desserts :: Sliced And Served

    • Chocolate Mud Cake
      (topped with lashings of chocolate ganache)
    • Sticky Date Pudding Cake
      (soaked with caramel syrup. This moist cake is rich yet light)
    • Red Velvet Cake
      (Red velvet cake topped with the signature cream cheese frosting)
    • Vanilla Raspberry Almondine Cake (GF)
      (Topped with toasted almond flakes)
    • Flourless Chocolate Addiction Cake (GF)
      (Dark chocolate and topped with chocolate ganache)
    • Carrot Cake
      (topped with neufchatel frosting, sprinkled with seeds and apricots)
    • Mixed Berry Cheesecake
      (topped with a forest blend of raspberries, blueberries, and cherries)

    Prices start from $3.15 per person and vary with your number of guests and service requirements. Contact us for more information or to book your function.

  • Premium Desserts :: Single Serves

    Individually Decorated

    • Chocolate Volcano (GF)
      (Almond flourless cake finished with surprise chocolate centre)
    • Orange & Almond Cakes (GF)
      (Moist orange cakes, wrapped in a white chocolate & toffee crust)
    • Sticky Date Puddings
      (Date puddings infused with caramel sauce)
    • Lemon Tart
      (pure butter shortbread crust surrounds our creamy and moreish lemon tart)
    • Lemon Baked Cheesecakes (GF)
      (topped with a dollop of cream icing over a tart lemon gel)
    • Mixed Berry Cheesecake (GF)
      (baked cheesecake is finished with a berry full fruit glaze)
    • New York Baked Cheesecake (GF)
      (Baked on a vanilla gluten free crumb base)
    • Christmas Drunken Puddings (Nov/Dec Only)
      (Topped with brandy butter ganache & a chocolate holly garnish)

    Prices start from $4.75 per person and vary with your number of guests and service requirements. Contact us for more information or to book your function.

Premium Dessert Catering

Standard Dessert Catering