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Finger Food Catering Melbourne

Silva Service Catering has a number of solutions for your finger food catering needs anywhere in Melbourne, Melbourne suburbs, and regional Melbourne. We can tailor a menu to suit your needs depending upon the number of guests you have, the range of finger food you require, and the type of service you would like our staff to provide. These catering packages are fantastic for wedding receptions, corporate functions, office parties, or a home function or party.

On Site Finger Food Catering In Melbourne

If you would like our finger food as either an appetiser or dessert service to compliment a main course that you have ordered from us, we recommend providing 5 items per person.

If you would like our finger food as a main course then we recommend providing 10 items per person.

    • Gourmet Savoury Range Menu

      Gourmet Finger Food Catering

      • Arancini S‘dried Tom, Fetta & Pesto (V)
      • Arancini Chorizo & Parsley
      • Veal Polpetini (meatballs)
      • Chicken “Kiev” Balls
      • Spinach & Ricotta Filo Puffs (V)
      • Vegetable Curry Puffs (V)
      • Cocktail Pie King Island Beef
      • Cocktail Pie Moroccan Lamb
      • Cocktail Pie Chicken & Leek
      • Cocktail Tart “Lorraine” Bacon
      • Cocktail Tart “Florentine” Spinach (V)
      • Cocktail Tart Chicken & Vegetable (V)

      Gluten Free Selections (P.O.A.)

      • Party Pies
      • Pumpkin & Basil Party Pies
      • Sausage Rolls
      • Vegetable Rolls
      • Spinach & Ricotta Rolls
      • Quiche Lorraine
      • Spinach Quiche

    Prices include All Food, Staff & Equipment. Prices start at $9.25 per person (incl GST) for an appetiser service and vary with your number of guests. Contact us for a detailed price list or to book your function.