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Wedding Catering Melbourne

Wedding Catering in Melbourne – Is there typical wedding catering in Melbourne? Everyone has a different idea about what they want for their wedding catering, so our wedding catering options have lots to offer. You may want an informal “party atmosphere” type of wedding catering, or a more formal traditional style of catered wedding reception. Whatever type of wedding catering that you want, Melbourne’s Silva Service Wedding Catering can assist you to put together an affordable wedding catering menu and catering service style that will top off your wedding and give you and your guests that night to remember.

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    Fresh & Delicious Wedding Catering

    Our wedding catering menus are designed to give you delicious fresh food, together with excellent service, at very affordable prices.  Our buffet style service means we can provide it anywhere, even at a backyard wedding, or at a formal venue.  Our menus are crowd pleasers and we’re sure you’re guests will love our wedding catering.

    Mobile Wedding Catering Melbourne

    Based in Melbourne, Silva Service Wedding Catering can provide catering to just about any suburb or area in the Melbourne area and beyond to regional Victoria. Finding a wedding caterer that can give you the service and flexibility that you want is as easy as calling or emailing us.

    Melbourne Wedding Catering Services

    We offer a full range of wedding catering services from finger food and appetisers, to desserts and more. If you are like most people who have been to a standard wedding reception where everyone leaves hungry – after what must have been a ridiculously high cost, then you should consider our spit roast catering options. Full of variety, and a plentiful banquet that everyone loves, this style of wedding catering is sure to keep all of your guests happy.  For super-relaxed and chilled out wedding catering, what about a gourmet BBQ?  The perfect wedding catering for a retro and fun day that everyone will love.  Our catering services are also fully licensed to supply drinks & beverages and so we can put together a complete wedding catering package for you.

    Affordable Wedding Catering In Melbourne

    Have you found that when you say the words “wedding catering” everyone seems to double their pricing?  We definitely don’t do that for our wedding catering menus.  If you are having troubles cutting down that wedding invitation list to fit your wedding reception into your budget, why not consider adjusting your wedding reception so that you can invite all of your loved ones, family and friends. We can tailor a wedding catering service to suit your needs and your budget, and we are not tied into the limited choices that most wedding reception centres have. And you must be tired of mentioning the word “wedding” and magically seeing prices double or triple – we guarantee that we will not do that, and offer the same pricing to everyone.

    Contact Us for a quote on your wedding catering, or to discuss your options. We are always more than happy to chat about your wedding plans and work out what best suits you. We know that it is YOUR wedding reception and we will arrange the catering to your tastes.

    Food Truck Versus Wedding Catering

    Food truck catering seems to be the latest trend for wedding catering, and I agree they are great.  The downside is you’ll find that many of them may be limited in their output.  That means they may only be able to serve 30, 40, 60, 100 people per hour for example.  If your wedding catering guest list is larger than the truck’s output then your guests could be literally be waiting hours to be served.  The way we run our wedding catering service is to maintain a maximum service interval for any one course.

    Silva Service Catering plans, staffs, and co-ordinates your wedding catering to ensure every single guest is served at least once within a 45min timeframe for their main course.  Generally, it’s closer to 30min, but any longer than 45min we feel is too long for your friends and family to wait, and is set as our maximum.  Well provide all the necessary staffing and equipment to ensure your food service runs to a happy timeframe, even if you have 500 guests!  This is all included in our pricing so you won’t need to worry about a thing on your special day.

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    • Spit Roast Catering

      Spit Roast Wedding Catering

      Spit Roast Wedding Catering is our specialty. When you want a nice & relaxed atmosphere at your wedding reception, but don’t want to compromise on the food.  A delicious spit roast is crowd pleaser, with variety galour, and you can be sure your guests won’t go home hungry!

      From $16.80 per person

    • Buffet Catering

      Buffet Wedding Catering

      Wedding catering with a delicious banquet of all of your favourite dishes.  We’ll provide everything, including serving staff & serving equipment – we do all the work.

      From $17.80 per person

    • BBQ Catering

      BBQ Wedding Catering

      For the most chilled out and relaxed wedding catering style in Melbourne, but definitely something special.  What could be better than gourmet BBQ catering?  You can pick and choose the menu, and have a qualified chef at your reception to cook everything to perfection.

      From $16.80 per person

    • Finger Food Catering

      Cocktail Wedding Catering

      Either a pre-dinner appetiser service or a complete ‘cocktail style’  finger food wedding catering service at your reception. We have the perfect selection for you.

      From $9.25 per person

    • Drink & Beverage Catering

      Drink & Beverage Wedding Catering

      Fully licensed drink and beverage wedding catering. Soft drinks, beers, wines, and spirits available.  Our licence covers all of Melbourne and Victoria.  We even have DIY option available so you can supply your own alcohol.

      From $14.95 per person

    • Dessert Catering

      Dessert Wedding Catering

      To finish off your perfect wedding catering we have the perfect range of delicious desserts.  Or if you prefer we can cut & serve your own wedding cake instead.

      From $5.15 per person

Wedding Catering Melbourne